Friday, October 11, 2019

Red Line Roots interview

"The first time I recorded in a “studio” (it was just a dude’s home studio in his basement) even felt like, “Why are we doing this?” The people aren’t here, it’s not any fun.” There’s an energy you get from a performance, and toying with the line that separates you from the audience and see how much you can get it to be blurry so that’s a common experience. I find that when I get to play shows, that’s actually the time that I can play around with songs, see how they work, take them apart and put them back together–it’s like experimenting in real-time in front of the people and you can tell really fast if what you’re doing is not engaging anybody or yourself."

Read the full interview at Red Line Roots: An Interview with Charlie Parr: The Dependability of Broken Screen Doors.

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