Friday, October 11, 2019

The Show on the Road interview

"This week on The Show On The Road, Charlie Parr — a Minnesota-based folk blues lifer who writes novelistic, multi-layered stories that shine a kaleidoscopic light on defiant, unseen characters thriving in the shadows all around us. Parr has a new record with only his name on it, and it isn’t shiny and perfect and commercial and catchy. It’s him. It’s pure Charlie Parr and maybe that’s enough. He hasn’t moved to LA or Nashville; he’s stayed in the cold grey north of Minnesota, because that’s his home. Take a second wherever you call home right now and listen to his episode — and his new record. You might hear something different every time."

Red Line Roots interview

"The first time I recorded in a “studio” (it was just a dude’s home studio in his basement) even felt like, “Why are we doing this?” The people aren’t here, it’s not any fun.” There’s an energy you get from a performance, and toying with the line that separates you from the audience and see how much you can get it to be blurry so that’s a common experience. I find that when I get to play shows, that’s actually the time that I can play around with songs, see how they work, take them apart and put them back together–it’s like experimenting in real-time in front of the people and you can tell really fast if what you’re doing is not engaging anybody or yourself."

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Smoky Mountain News interview

"Right now, I feel awake and I can’t tell you how grateful I am for that. I spend a little time everyday just reveling and thinking, “OK, I’m awake again today. Let’s work on this stuff again.” And I’m really happy for that."

Read the full interview at Smoky Mountain News: Running jumping standing still: A conversation with Charlie Parr.