Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Rooster Download Page

"Those songs on Rooster, most of them were written around the time that most of King Earl was written, which was over a period of time from about 1997-2004. I had tried to write a short story which had turned into a short novel and I passed it to a friend who was also a very good writer and an honest man and he told me that it wasn’t very good although it had its moments. So I took those moments and made songs out of them..."

For Rooster we compiled an additional couple album's worth of demos, outtakes, soundtrack work, and folk songs from out-of-print compilations that Charlie titled the "Michigan Street Boxing Gym Sessions Outtakes." Get all three downloads in one spot HERE for a limited time. Read about the album's recording with insights from Charlie, Mikkel, Tom Herbers, and all the musicians who played on it here : www.charlieparr.com/download

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