Sunday, September 11, 2016

Featured Album Download: Backslider (2006)

"Every Wednesday from somewhere around 2002 until sometime into 2014 I played a residency at the Brewhouse in Duluth. Some weeks were pretty quiet, I would roll in about 9:00 and play folk songs until about midnight and ease on home, other weeks were a little more rowdy, Lane or Mikkel would show up with a washboard and sometimes Brother Dave and his harmonica, sometimes Alan Sparhawk, or Molly Maher or Dave Frankenfeld or Christian McShane or Trampled by Turtles would be around and the folks would move the tables aside and dance until 1:00am when we had to call it a day. No matter what happened, the “midweek bracer”, as we called it, was always fun and so we tried to capture all that fun on a record. I think we mostly failed. But here it is anyway, in all its ragged and noisy lo-fi glory, you can’t really tell what it was like to be there but you can tell we’re having a good time and probably had too much Starfire Pale Ale … Jake Larson deserves the credit for putting so much work into what turned out to be a pretty tall order, he recorded three nights worth of songs, mixed and mastered the entire thing, and did an amazing job with what he had – namely a weird-sounding room, a rowdy crowd, and a bunch of homebrew swilling musicians who couldn’t be bothered to stay on mic even for a minute. I love those shows, where the line between who’s playing and who’s watching disappears and we’re not performing for each other anymore, we’re just here – right now, together."--Charlie,

Plus limited time free bonus download of the October 2006 Backslider release show at the 331 Club available at

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