Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Featured Album Download: Criminals and Sinners (2002)

Recording Criminals & Sinners with Mark Lindquist was a great education for me, I'd been intimidated by the recording process and all it's mysteries up til then, I'd been intimidated by the people who apparently ran the business of recording musicians, up until that point I'd felt very much like a bystander in the music world and I'd decided that I'd rather stay outside than have to conform. Aside from that, the music that I loved listening to was by and large field recordings made in the 40's and 50's of itinerant preachers and blues guitarists and chain gangs and cowboys and the music produced in studios never sounded like that, so I figured I'd just play and not record. But then I met Mark, a definite anarchist when it came to recording technique, and the founder of a legendary local record label called "Shaky Ray" and we set up a couple beat up microphones in the basement and played a show for his tape machine. There was about 30 minutes left on a reel borrowed from a local punk band for us to use for the entire record and we finished our last song just as the last bit of usable tape traveled past the head. And it dawned on me, this doesn't have to be for the ages just because it's recorded, it can be for right now, live, lo-fi, warts and all.

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