Friday, July 24, 2015

Rambling On interview

"When I was a kid in the front of my house all my dad's records were playing, but in the back of the house where my sister was hanging out, she was listening to the Grateful Dead, Commander Cody, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Captain Beefheart, crazy shit like that. So I was getting that even though in my mind I was kind of deliberately trying to turn away from it. I've started to be able to reconcile myself with myself in a lot of ways. In the last few years I've accepted the fact that yeah, I like captain Beefheart a lot, I like captain Beefheart as much as a I like Mance Lipscomb, and that's alright. In writing this last batch of songs I let in other influences I might not have at one point."

Read the full interview at Rambling On: Roots, Rock, and Deep Blues Festival Feature: An Interview with Evolving Folk Bluesman Charlie Parr 

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