Friday, July 24, 2015

Featured Album Download: Blues for the Caribou River Wayside

Blues for the Caribou River Wayside

Recorded at Sacred Heart Studio
Duluth, MN

"This was recorded at Sacred Heart in Duluth one evening, all the tracks are first takes, there's no one there but me in this huge old church. I was using certain songs as a kind of jumping off point for improvisations, and for the most part I think I failed at bringing the songs to a place where they count as inspired improvisations. The small label that wanted to release it said it was too short but I didn't want to add anything to it, and so we left it behind."

01. Barnswallow
02. Death's Black Train
03. 2:30 am in an Abandoned Ore Freighter
04. What a Friend / Sweet By and By
05. Paul Bunyan
06. Warmin' by the Devil's Fire
07. Midnight Has Come and Gone
08. Death of Jerry Damron

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