Friday, July 24, 2015

Featured Album Download: Blues for the Caribou River Wayside

Blues for the Caribou River Wayside

Recorded at Sacred Heart Studio
Duluth, MN

"This was recorded at Sacred Heart in Duluth one evening, all the tracks are first takes, there's no one there but me in this huge old church. I was using certain songs as a kind of jumping off point for improvisations, and for the most part I think I failed at bringing the songs to a place where they count as inspired improvisations. The small label that wanted to release it said it was too short but I didn't want to add anything to it, and so we left it behind."

01. Barnswallow
02. Death's Black Train
03. 2:30 am in an Abandoned Ore Freighter
04. What a Friend / Sweet By and By
05. Paul Bunyan
06. Warmin' by the Devil's Fire
07. Midnight Has Come and Gone
08. Death of Jerry Damron

Rambling On interview

"When I was a kid in the front of my house all my dad's records were playing, but in the back of the house where my sister was hanging out, she was listening to the Grateful Dead, Commander Cody, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Captain Beefheart, crazy shit like that. So I was getting that even though in my mind I was kind of deliberately trying to turn away from it. I've started to be able to reconcile myself with myself in a lot of ways. In the last few years I've accepted the fact that yeah, I like captain Beefheart a lot, I like captain Beefheart as much as a I like Mance Lipscomb, and that's alright. In writing this last batch of songs I let in other influences I might not have at one point."

Read the full interview at Rambling On: Roots, Rock, and Deep Blues Festival Feature: An Interview with Evolving Folk Bluesman Charlie Parr 

Acoustic Guitar Session

"Raw, intense, and powerful, Charlie Parr's brand of blues will send shivers up your spine. The Minnesota-based musician joins us in the studio to talk about his love of deep blues as a child, the inspiration of Spider John Koerner, his beloved National metal-bodied resonator and Fraulini 12-string (made by Todd Cambio), and the story behind his new album, Stumpjumper. He also delivers stirring renditions of three songs from the album."

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

'A high, lonesome sound': Blues legend Jimmy 'Duck' Holmes

From Winona Daily News: "Winona residents will have a chance to witness one of the more unique country blues stylists on Thursday, July 16 at the Winona Arts Center at 8 p.m., where Jimmy “Duck” Holmes will perform. Holmes’ Bentonia style of country blues can be directly traced to Skip James, who made his first classic recordings in the 1930s. “It’s eerie and haunting,” said Dave Hundrieser. “It’s a high, lonesome sound that gets right down inside you.”"

Jimmy's tour kicks off tonight in Minneapolis at the 331 Club and he'll be on Harold's House Party at 5pm. You can listen to Jimmy on the radio again on Friday on KUMD at 2pm before his show at the Red Herring Lounge that evening. Charlie will be joining the tour 7/19 - 7/21 with shows in Minneapolis, Northfield, La Crosse, Viroqua.

July 15 - Harold's House Party on KFAI (listen live 5pm)
July 15 - 331 Club  (Minneapolis, MN) 7:00 doors / 8:00 show

July 16 - Winona Arts Center (Winona, MN)
with Dave Hundrieser and Mike Munson ; 7:00 doors / 8:00 show

July 17 - Live from Studio A on KUMD (listen live 2pm)
July 17 - Red Herring Lounge (Duluth, MN)
with Dave Hundrieser ; 8:00 doors / 8:30 show

July 18 - 5th Annual Roots, Rock & Deep Blues Festival (Minneapolis, MN)
Jimmy is scheduled to play at Patrick’s Cabaret Stage at 6pm.

July 19 - Hell's Kitchen (Minneapolis, MN)
with Dave Hundrieser and Charlie Parr  ; 10am-1pm
July 19 - The Chapel (Northfield, MN)
with Dave Hundrieser and Charlie Parr; 7:00 doors / 7:30 show

July 20 - The Root Note (La Crosse, WI)
with Dave Hundrieser and Charlie Parr ; 7:00 doors / 8:00 show

July 21 - The Ark (Viroqua, WI)
with Dave Hundrieser and Charlie Parr ; 7:00 doors / 7:30 show

Phil Cook – “1922”

“When I hear Charlie Parr sing his ‘1922 Blues’ it feels like the gathering headwaters of the Mississippi River charging their way to New Orleans,” Cook says. “When I sing ‘1922,’ it only seems fair to make it sound the way Charlie’s version makes me feel; destined, invincible and free.”

Phil Cook's Southland Mission is out 9/11 via Thirty Tigers.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The River Signal

"Episode 6 of The River Signal features a giant carp, a damn fine Tamale, and the music and voice of Charlie Parr."

Charlie performing Temperance River Blues on the Channel Princess in St. Paul.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Riding the Highline

RIDING THE HIGHLINE from Kai Carlson-Wee on Vimeo.

Riding the Highline is a short documentary film about poet brothers Kai and Anders Carlson-Wee hopping trains across the country. The soundtrack features music by Charlie, Almeda Riddle, Abner Jay, Sleep, Charles Osgood, and Bascom Lunsford.