Thursday, May 7, 2015

Stumpjumper Reviews!

"Taking acoustic blues and folk to the darkest edges of town via driving arrangements which emphasize steam-driven tempos and a doom-slinging attitude over spit and polish studio shine, Parr nonetheless manages to sound both breathtakingly immediate and authentically antiquated at the same time. Usually a solo act, the inclusion here of a full band adds heft and depth to the already powerful material." - Kevin Oliver, No Depression

"The themes of Stumpjumper are wide-ranging and thoughtful. Social justice is considered in the reworked retelling of “Delia”; the workingman’s blues are considered in the rustic title track ; timelessness itself is explored in “Over the Red Cedar.” With such a natural grasp of the lingo of Southern roots, it really is a revelatory surprise that Charlie Parr is not native to that region. These tunes would just as naturally fit on a recording of Bukka White, but instead they are a gift to us today, as fresh and insightful as any recording by those old country bluesmen – and with the added benefit of a great backing band to add some serious punch." - Aaron Teixeira, Glide Magazine

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  1. absolutely amazing album.

    D, frequent Criminals and Sinners commentor.