Sunday, April 19, 2015

"Falcon" and "Stumpjumper" Premieres

"Today I drove through Moab, UT, and there was a Jeep rally going on. We called them 'stumpjumpers' when I was a kid. It reminded me of home and all the gear heads who lived near me constantly wrenching on their trucks, hanging around the parking lot, waiting for something to happen. I couldn't wait to join them."
Listen to "Stumpjumper" at The Bluegrass Situation.

"The song on Stumpjumper that I’m most happy with is “Falcon” because it is a song that I intended to write. A lot of times you don’t really mean to write a song — it’s like someone snuck up on you and attacked you; you didn’t really mean for it to happen. “Falcon,” on the other hand, I wanted to write that song. I’d read the book by John Tanner and it meant a lot to me."
Listen to "Falcon" and read an in-depth interview about the new album at Glide Magazine.


  1. both of these tracks are so dope. can't wait for the new album.


    1. Yeah, the entire album is amazing, it's streaming here until the release date: