Monday, September 1, 2014

Pedal to the Midnight Sun Soundtrack

"After a winter of correspondence over essential gear, food, and expectations for the summer’s expedition, J.J. Kelley and Josh Thomas embark for the arctic. Their plan is to follow the Alaska Pipeline to its source, as far north as the US Highway system will take them. The spirited story features the wildlife, wild people, and oddities of the isolated northwest state. The fellows share a 20th century resonance philosophy of throwing all your possessions together and make off with a grand adventure."

On their blog they write "Charlie provided Pedal to the Midnight Sun, with a driving sound throughout. The determined music vibrating through his National resonator guitar mirrored the ongoing struggle that Josh and J.J. undertook as they powered to the Arctic Ocean. Charlie’s organic soundtrack—beyond measures—complemented the still beauty of the Alaskan landscape."

Stream selections from the soundtrack below. Thanks J.J. for sending the tracks and allowing them to be shared. You can see more of J.J. and Josh's work and purchase the DVD of Pedal to the Midnight Sun at


  1. finally got to listen to this. all basically me. East Virginia and New Frisco Train blew me away. Bethlehem has always been a favorite. Mando and Cold Creek March have that cool droney if thousand's/DFM vibe. incredible stuff here.

    thanks putting this out there for us fans you guys. it was a privilege to hear this.


    1. You're welcome D.
      Yeah, lots of great instrumentals on this, I'm really glad we were able to share it here on the blog. Pedal is an amazing documentary too, check it out sometime if you haven't already.