Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Arts Extract Interview

"I don’t have any kind of training in music, so everything has a bit of an improvisational feel to it, for me, at least, but these songs are 100 percent improvisation, except for the first couple of moments.

When I re-tuned my 12-string for example, to some of these tunings I wasn’t used to, I heard things happening that implied other things, and I found myself just kind of following—this is going to sound really hippie—I found myself kind of following the songs. If I got myself into funny corners, I’d just be patient and hang in there with it, and the funny corners would find a way to something that led out of it."

Charlie and Alan talk in-depth about Hollandale in this feature by Arts Extract titled "Charlie Parr and Alan Sparhawk: Moving Air Molecules Around."
Charlie Parr and Alan Sparhawk: Moving air molecules around - See more at: http://artsextract.com/2014/03/10/charlie-parr-alan-sparhawk-moving-air-molecules/#sthash.3uBT1QCz.dpuf

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