Saturday, February 15, 2014

Rochester Campus Times Interview

"It was not nice – it wasn’t like the friendly, happy Paul Bunyon. It was really a bad thing.  It was scaring the crap out of me, and I was running through the woods trying to find a place that I could hide from this menacing lumberjack. I had told Alan about that dream, and it was on my mind when I was working out that particular tune. It’s in this banjo-inspired tuning from double C, you know, “C G C G C C”. It’s very drone-y. It’s more or less thinking about that bad dream."

Read the full article "Charlie Parr and the Truth" in Campus Times.


  1. that Gerber Gear video is set to private...frowny face.
    i wonder what other commercials his music has been in?


    1. Hey D.,
      Here's a link to the Gerber video:
      The only other one I know of is the Vodafone commercial.

    2. thanks Ryan. i always assumed the Vodaphone was the only one until this interview. might have to ask him after a show sometime. it'd be interesting to see what kind of wares are being hocked with Charlie's music.