Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Corpse Reviver

Corpse Reviver's CD release show with Charlie Parr is coming up next week at The Cedar.  It's going to be a good one and tickets are still available so grab 'em HERE while you can.

Corpse Reviver's first album, I'll Be Rested When the Roll is Called, has been available digitally on their Bandcamp page for some time now, give it a listen below:

The City Pages interviewed them recently about the release and the article serves as a good introduction to the band if you're not familiar with them yet: "Corpse Reviver: Culture got a kick in the ass from the Anthology of American Folk Music."

Hymie's Vintage Records put together a nice review that includes an overview and selections from the Anthology of American Folk Music: "An introduction to the Corpse Reviver album."

Listen to a more in-depth interview with KQAL along with some clips from their Boats and Bluegrass show last year: The Live Feed Presents: Corpse Reviver

And thanks to Tommy the Beard for recording the entire Boats and Bluegrass set:

Video by Mirlen Nelson from the opening set with Spider John Koerner joining Charlie and Mikkel on stage:

Corpse Reviver Facebook
Bandcamp Page

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