Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"Jesus is a Hobo" in Uncut

The free compilation CD in this month's Uncut magazine (May 2013) features the Barnswallow tune "Jesus is a Hobo."

Strange Brew
1. The Flowers Of Hell - Mr. Tambourine Man  
2. Hollis Brown  Ride On The Train  
3. Blank Realm - Pendulum Swing 
4. Steve Earle & The Dukes (And Duchesses) - Burnin' It Down  
5. Crime & The City Solution - My Love Takes Me There 
6. The Soft Hills - Dear Mr Moonlight  
7. Life Coach - Fireball  
8. The Desoto Caucus - Leaving Odessa 
9. Barn Owl - The Long Shadow  
10. John Murray - California 
 11. Lower Plenty - Nullarbor  
12. Todd Rundgren - In My Mouth 
13. Charlie Parr - Jesus Is A Hobo  
14. The Kingsbury Manx  
15. Rick Redbeard - Kelvin Grove

4onthefloor's Hard Rain

Charlie and Sarah Kruger provide guest vocals on the track "Hard Rain" on 4onthefloor's new release Spirit of Minneapolis.  Stream the tune below courtesy of the band.

You can purchase the album in a variety of formats on the band's website.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Live at The Mill (11/18/01)

Big time thanks go to Jon Oelke for sharing this early recording to post here.  Jon recorded Charlie Parr and Greg Brown at the Barn Aid benefit in 2001.  Portions of that show were released on CD as Down in the Valley - Barn Aid Benefit Concert and the following performance is Charlie and Mikkel's opening set from the CD release show in Iowa.

Charlie and Mikkel at Barn Aid
Charlie Parr 
w/Mikkel Beckmen
The Mill: Iowa City, IA.
Recorded by Jon Oelke 

01. Greg Brown Intro...
02. Duncan & Brady
03. Lowdown
04. Blues in the Bottle
05. Union Tramp
06. Wonder How Long 'til I Can Change My Clothes
07. Mole in the Ground
08. Stackerlee
09. Westbound Rattler
10. Worried Blues
11. Casey Jones
12. O' Death
13. Country Blues
14. Preachin' Blues (Up Jumped the Devil)
15. Poor Lazarus
16. Parchman Farm
17. Ode To A New Dealer
18. Special Streamline

Jon writes: "Back in the day when digital yet mechanical was the way to go, I would record to DDS data cartridges.  I'm certain some people would give me a hard time for using 90 meter tape ever... but I figured I would only have to transfer the data once.  I'm just glad the tape still transfers.  I have rarely had an issue, but wholly crap the farm in Decorah IA ate tapes every time."

Preview some trad's in the Soundcloud. 
Currently unavailable for download.