Friday, March 15, 2013

Ragged and Dirty in Minot

Live at Souris River Brewing. In the World Gone Wrong liner notes Dylan writes "one of the Willy Browns did this - schmaltz & pickled herring, stuffed cabbage, heavy moral vocabulary - sweetness & sentiment, house rocking, superior beauty, not just standing there-the seductive magic of the thumbs up salute, carefully thought out overtones & stepping sideways, the idols of human worship paying thru the nose, lords of the illogical in smoking jackets, sufferers from a weak education, pieces of a jigsaw puzzle-taking stupid chances-being mistreated just so far."

Remember that (unfortunately untrue) rumor of a Dylan narrated GPS?  It would have shown you that detours are where you really need to be.

"Ragged and Dirty" arr. Parr. Video by Souris River Brewing.

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