Wednesday, January 30, 2013

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City Pages caught up with Charlie recently to talk about Barnswallow, which led to a discussion about manifold cooking.

"Nothing's really different about Barnswallow. It's actually a lot like older stuff. The first few records I did, I was so scared of studios and the process of it all that we'd just go and treat it like a show," says Parr, referring to earlier albums recorded in a live taping format. "The last couple records, I tried doing this the 'right' way, you know, studios and producers ... but when I recorded the songs for Barnswallow, it didn't work, it just felt wrong. It felt like too much work, you know? Like I had assumed that I could be something more than I am."

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"Yes -- the lentils -- it kind of changes as time and trips go on, and sometimes depends on what's available. The last time I did it was red lentils, not more than 1 serving, since you can't cook a whole lot at once, a small onion chopped up (I have a little cutting board), I found some peppers (habanaro) and had a little broccoli, carrots and a tomato from a guy in a pickup in Georgia. So it's gotta be a small amount, all told I suppose it's a healthy soup-bowl full."

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