Sunday, March 25, 2012

Simple Folk Radio Sessions

Simple Folk Radio broadcast a session yesterday that was recorded last November during Parr's tour of the UK and parts of Europe. 

Setlist: Just Like Today; South of Austin, North of Lyle; Last Day; Mastodon; Hogkill Blues; To a Scrapyard Bus Stop; Jubilee; Possessed by the Devil; Cheap Wine

Listen to two more sessions in their archives.  

The first was recorded in Sept. 2007 for The Gilded Palace of Sin.  Click here for a direct link.  The performance is broken up into four parts spread out across the broadcast: 
(21:40): Just Like Today; Bad Luck Blues; 1922 Blues
(56:10): Public Record Rag; Bonneville; Bethlehem
(77:00): Jesus on the Mainline; Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground; Jubilee
(97:50): Samson and Delilah; Westbound Rattler; Dead Cat on the Line

The second session was recorded at Charlie Parr's home and sent to Simple Folk to promote an upcoming tour in 2009.  Click here for a direct link to that one.
(31:15): Let An Old Drunkard Be; Last Payday at Coal Creek; Farmer; Come Along & See
(80:30): Ode to a New Dealer; Crop Duster; Louis Collins