Monday, October 15, 2012

Meeting Charlie Parr Documentary

Last week a film crew from France filmed Charlie around Duluth and at some shows for an upcoming documentary.  Right now details are few (and mostly in French) but check out their Facebook page and website for updates.  

The filmmakers also put up a journal of their trip with some photos.  Enjoy some of the strange poetry of Google translate until a translation is posted by the filmmakers.

"We join Charlie for a walk on a small peninsula, narrow strip of forest flanked by beaches. Two or three miles from Downtown, another world, a small Normandy dunes resting on the Lake Superior, an infinite horizon.  Nice place to discuss theology, philosophy and the darkness that marks each of his albums. The story of his parents and the Great Depression seem to haunt each of these pieces and then it is because he prefers songs are full of this darkness, quite naturally he turned to her.

On the porch of his house, Charlie plays Hogkill Blues, which recounts a major strike that divided once the city of his childhood, Austin. The song takes on a new dimension and gives the quiet street unprecedented intensity, Charlie Parr to witness the peaceful neighborhood."

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