Saturday, August 4, 2012

1922 (2012 reissue)

1. Westbound Rattler
2. True Religion
3. Migrant Boxcar Train
4. Yo-Yo Blues
5. 1922 Blues
6. Country Blues
7. Louis Collins
8. Mahtowa Stomp
9. I Wish I Was a Mole in the Ground
10. To a Scrapyard Bus Stop
11. Wreck of the Bernard K
12. Funeral Road Blues
13. Roses While I'm Leaving
14. Hogkill Blues
15. Jesus at the Kenmore
16. Old Jim Canan's
17. Farther Along

Now available at Charlie's website, 1922 is back again with an amazing cover by artist Wynn Davis.  Be sure to grab a copy before it sells out again.  There will be two release party shows coming up Aug. 14: The Electric Fetus at 7pm and the Turf Club later in the evening.

Also check out the first 1922 release party recorded back in 2003 by Jon Oelke at the Gingko Coffee House in St. Paul.

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