Saturday, April 28, 2012

"Long Lost Broken Heart" Download

This one comes directly from Charlie who, being the generous soul that he is, passed along some stuff to put on the blog and share with ya'll.  The first thing we'll post is called "Long Lost Broken Heart" which is heard in the movie Red Hill but was not included on the soundtrack. Charlie said the filmmakers wanted him to do a Hank Williams cover and he recorded a rendition of "I'm a Long Gone Daddy" with a band in Australia and submitted that.  The filmmakers responded that it wasn't quite what they were looking for and asked him to write a song that was like a Hank Williams tune instead.  The resulting "Long Lost Broken Heart" isn't a serious song according to Charlie and was used primarily to set a certain tone for a scene.  


  1. Wow. and there's a song of Charlie covering I'm A Long Gone Daddy floatin around out there too?....amazing.


    1. No "I'm a Long Gone Daddy" but we'll be posting some other stuff from Charlie soon. Also working on transcribing an interview that should be up within a couple days.

  2. keep up the good work