Monday, September 1, 2014

Pedal to the Midnight Sun Soundtrack

"After a winter of correspondence over essential gear, food, and expectations for the summer’s expedition, J.J. Kelley and Josh Thomas embark for the arctic. Their plan is to follow the Alaska Pipeline to its source, as far north as the US Highway system will take them. The spirited story features the wildlife, wild people, and oddities of the isolated northwest state. The fellows share a 20th century resonance philosophy of throwing all your possessions together and make off with a grand adventure."

On their blog they write "Charlie provided Pedal to the Midnight Sun, with a driving sound throughout. The determined music vibrating through his National resonator guitar mirrored the ongoing struggle that Josh and J.J. undertook as they powered to the Arctic Ocean. Charlie’s organic soundtrack—beyond measures—complemented the still beauty of the Alaskan landscape."

Stream selections from the soundtrack below and download the entire soundtrack free HERE. Thanks J.J. for sending the tracks and allowing them to be shared. You can see more of J.J. and Josh's work and purchase the DVD of Pedal to the Midnight Sun at

Repost: Lost Duluth Soundtrack

Watch Lost Duluth, a historical documentary with an original soundtrack by Charlie that aired on WDSE•WRPT based on the book "Lost Duluth" by Tony Dierckins & Maryanne C. Norton.

Charlie says the songs are all improvs built around a couple old songs, variations on a theme from 'Poor Boy, Long Ways from Home,' etc. Stream the entire soundtrack below and download it free HERE.

September Tour Dates

9/3 - Fitger's Brewhouse (Duluth, MN)
9/4 - Rourke Art Museum (Moorhead, MN)
9/5 - Duke's Alehouse and Kitchen (Crystal Lake, IL)
9/6 - The Varsity Center for the Arts (Carbondale, IL)
9/10 - Fitger's Brewhouse (Duluth, MN)
9/11 - Red Herring Lounge (Duluth, MN) *
9/12 - The Waterfront Bar and Grill (Menomonie, WI)
9/13 - Door County Brewing (Baileys Harbor, WI)
9/17 - Fitger's Brewhouse (Duluth, MN)
9/18 - The Mill (Iowa City, IA)
9/19 - DG's Tap House (Ames, IA)
9/20 - Midtown Tavern (Mankato, MN)
9/22 - Papa Charlie's @ Lutsen (Lutsen, MN)
9/24 - Fitger's Brewhouse (Duluth, MN)
9/25 - Boats and Bluegrass (Winona, MN)
9/26 - The Orpheum Theater (Hancock, MI)
9/27 - Richardson Nature Center (Bloomington, MN)

* w/ Ben Weaver

Saturday, August 9, 2014

L'├ętoile Magazine interview

"I toured in an RV for a little while. Parts would fly off of it all over the place. I lost the awning the second day out. It unrolled, became like this big parachute just filled with air and I’m on the freeway going 75 miles an hour. It finally ripped off. Pulled to the side a bit and sped up trying to, well.. I saw it flying off in the back, and we just drove away, ya know?"

Read the full interview "Le Talk: Charlie Parr"

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August Tour Dates

8/6 - Fitger's Brewhouse (Duluth, MN)
8/7 - Mile of Music (Appleton, WI)
8/8 - Mile of Music (Appleton, WI)
8/9 - Pizza Luce Block Party (Minneapolis, MN) 4pm
8/9 - Bayport BBQ (Bayport, MN) 8pm #
8/10 - Russell's Bar (Annandale, MN) #
8/14 - Ayre in the Square (Milwaukee, WI)
8/15 - The Icehouse (Minneapolis) *
8/16 - Free The Music Fest at Lakenenland (Chocolay Charter Township, MI)
8/17 - Ore Dock Brewing Company (Marquette, MI)
8/20 - Fitger's Brewhouse (Duluth, MN)
8/22 - Porcupine Mountains Music Festival (Ontonagon, MI)
8/23 - Porcupine Mountains Music Festival (Ontonagon, MI)
8/23 - Chaperone Records' Block Rockin Bday Bash (Duluth, MN) 9pm
8/24 - Austin ArtWorks Festival (Austin, MN)
8/27 - Fitger's Brewhouse (Duluth, MN)
8/28 - The Root Note (La Crosse, WI)
8/30 - Trollhaugen (Dresser, WI)
8/30 - Falconer Vineyards (Red Wing, MN)

# w/ Dave Arcari
* w/ Jack Klatt

Friday, July 18, 2014

Folkadelphia Session

1. Jesus On The Mainline
2. Badger
3. On Marrying a Woman with an Uncontrollable Temper
4. Cheap Wine
5. True Friends
6. 1890
7. Mastodon   
8. Temperance River Blues